What are the necessary conditions for competition? For sportsmanship?
What happens when there are too many players but not enough resources?
How many hoops must we jump through?
When monitoring the occupying players, when is security guised as surveillance? Secure for whom?
Who cheers for the away team? The underdog?
Without a home court, can one still play? Can one win?

In WILL PLAY FOR SPACE, the gallery is a site for away scrimmages and sketches. MINT invites viewers to play pickup games of HORSE where the activities of each competition are recorded, producing a reflexive, cumulative drawing, a play-by-play for an art gallery reception. With each layup, slam dunk, and foul, the players’ bodies are monitored, tracked, and organized through mark making and livestream video. A short zine will accompany the exhibition, including questions concerning sustainability and future of artist-run spaces, emerging artists, and the Columbus arts community at large.

MINT is a collaborative, multidisciplinary collective founded and operated by artists located in Columbus, Ohio. Abidingly fresh, adaptable, and dynamic, our mission at MINT is to support underrepresented and developing artists, to cultivate relationships within the community, to embrace alternative projects, and to remain persistently disobedient to traditional thinking.